Just being Annie Monroe

u tenho um grande fascínio por fotografias em preto e branco (acho extremamente charmosas). Navegando pelo We ♥ it nessa 'tag' me deparei com fotos sequenciadas dessa moça aí na foto acima, e resolvi investigar mais de perto. Em termos biográficos, Annie Monroe é um tanto misteriosa. Ela toca teclado na girlband The Like, segue a carreira de atriz e, até então, namora o fotógrafo James D. Kelly. That´s all folks! Isso mesmo, o que se sabe sobre a doce, enigmática e tão estilo década de 50 é só. Aliás, sobre o seu estilo de se vestir elegante e clássico e sua paixão sobre a música (principalmente piano) são os temas mais encontrados a respeito dela.

She has Californian origins but a strong penchant for late 1950’s English mod: Annie Monroe is a member of The Like, an alternative rock band set up in 2001 in the US. The sound and the style of the band received instant recognition and only two years after the band was formed, the single “(So I' ll seat here) waiting” became the soundtrack of the movie Thirteen.  The following year marked a key stage for the band which, having performed in major festivals and on prominent stages, was asked to support the Kings of Leon and Phantom Planet on tour. Annie Monroe’s musical background comes from a family with a strong passion for music, in particular classical and for the piano, which led the young Annie to appreciate classical instruments from an early age starting with piano lessons and continuing with composition.Annie joined the band in 2009 playing the keyboards and providing back-up vocals, after that her career in music mixes with fashion and cinema.When it comes to her style, the young musician admits being heavily influenced by the relationship fashion/music and highlights the strong references to the band clearly inspired by the 1950’s and 1960’s.Her look is Teddy Boys meets Mods, therefore there’s a lot of black& white, miniskirts, shirts popping out of crew necks, dark-hued lace and ankle boots combined with a bob hair cut, often displaying statement mini or oversized hats. Impeccable silhouette, bon-ton elements paired with Biba-esque graphic details but also references to the 1970’s London’s Mod revival. Having moved to London in 2009, she started her acting career featuring in TV series and playing supporting roles in features. At the same time, she began modelling for Models1 through which she gained even more confidence in front of the camera. The energy and spontaneity she displays in front of the camera combined with her engaging smile lead to believe she has a bright future ahead of her in the film industry. +

''Fashion and music have always had a strong relationship.'' - A. Monroe

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